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March ’68
Thematic edition of The Virtual Shtetl

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This on-line story of March ’68 does not start with a list of dates and events. It opens with the stories of people for whom the March events constituted a personal watershed moment. The digital compendium of knowledge created by POLIN Museum makes use of a great number of resources, including oral history narratives recorded on video and a wide array of archival photographs. We have also assembled a glossary of important terms, a timeline of key events, and a list of recommended readings. To top it all off, the website features a gallery of extraordinary keepsakes – items which gained special significance 50 years ago, having left Poland in the luggage of travellers with a one-way ticket.

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Maria Antosik-Piela
Karolina Dzięciołowska
Aleksandra Król
Joanna Król
Józef Markiewicz
dr hab. Piotr Osęka
dr Martyna Rusiniak-Karwat
prof dr hab. Dariusz Stola


dr Halina Bukowiecka
Adam Dylewski
Joanna Król


Natalia Kłopotek
Andrew Rajcher

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Aleksandra Przeździecka-Kujałowicz

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Agata Korba

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Przemysław Jaczewski
Katarzyna Trzeszkowska

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Michał Horbulewicz
Joanna Król

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