March ’68 – video testimonies

“Excluded”, “expelled”, “emigrants” and “refugees” – this is how Polish Jews, who were forced to leave Poland due to the events of March’68, described themselves. 13,000 people left country. However, 15-20,000 remained. They were all eye-witnesses to the events of that March. We present here the full spectrum of their experiences. These film clips were extracted from the collection of interviews given to the POLIN Museum.

Poland does not want us. Barbara Brandys, Barbara Jaszczyńska and Alicja Sarosiek about March ‘68


I suddenly felt like cut dead. Janina Goldhar about March ’68


After all, I’m not at home anywhere. Anna Trachtenherc about March ’68


Poland of those times is in our hearts. Aleksandra and Arnold Walfisz about emigartion and March ’68


“The scum came out” – Perła Kacman, about March’68


“I’m a stranger” – Ryszard Bilan, about March’68


“They bashed whoever fell over” – Tadeusz Belerski, about March’68


“Despite everything, I’m still a Pole” – Rimma Volynska-Bogert, about March’68


“Being a Jew isn’t easy” – Adam Gryniewicz, about March’68


“Farewell forever” – Krystyna Pajes, about March’68


“I dream in Polish” – Michał Lichtensztejn, about March’68


“And, again, I’m standing by the Wisła River” – Ewa Herbst, about March’68


“Immense sorrow” – Aleksander Ratz, about March’68


“Someone with no homeland”– Hanna Ettinger-Neuss, about March’68


“They clipped my wings” – Leon Weintraub, about March’68


“Just shoot me” – Katarzyna Warman, about March’68


“We have to leave” – Jan Groński, about March’68


“I want to know, who I’m” – Nina Rose, about March’68




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